Let’s chat

We want to know you! Of course, we’ll talk about your wedding plans in detail, but we want to know you and your partner first. Your dreams, goals, things you love to do in your spare time, how you take your coffee...everything! And we don’t want you to answer this in just another form on just another website. Let’s Skype, FaceTime, or we’ll come to you! Seriously.

Crafting your story

After our time together and during the months leading up to your wedding, we’ll craft a set of keywords to shape the creative for your story. From there, we’ll share our vision for the story we want you to relive well after your wedding. This is an integral part of our process, as we are not just documenting the day. We want you to understand your story well before we pick up a camera.

Shoot. Share. Celebrate!

We’ll take everything we’ve learned and planned for your wedding and put our work to the test. We’ll capture all the events and moments we’ll need for your film and then carefully craft and edit a finished piece. We’ll tie the bow with a link online for a private viewing experience to debut your love story. From there, you can share it with your family and friends (which we hope you will!) and celebrate an incredible moment in your lives you’ll remember forever.

It's all about your story